Ways that can help tighten the private zone muscles

I bet you never thought about having loose vaginal walls when you were older! Unfortunately this does become a problem. If you feel as if your vaginal walls are loose here are some reasons why and some ways to help deal with the problem.

Childbirth is often why your vagina loosens and it can be difficult to get it back into shape. Obesity, pelvic trauma, menopause and surgical procedures can also be the cause. You can tighten your muscles in the following ways:

#1. A healthy diet

If you eat foods that are rich in estrogen it has been rumoured to help tighten up your lady bits.

#2. Gooseberries

Boil this fruit in water until you make a balm. Keep this in the fridge and apply it down there before you shower.

#3. Aloe vera

This magically product can be used for many things and is really effective in tightening your vagina. Apply the gel form inside the aloe plant to your vaginal folds two or three times a week.

#4. Exercises

Exercises are not only good for your overall health but they can help you tighten up your privates. Try some squats, pelvic tilts and kegels daily to help improve looseness.

#5. Ben-wa balls

These balls are weighted but comfortable and are designed to help you work out your muscles from the inside.


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