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Top 8 Interesting Facts About Female Masturbation

Do you masturbate? How often? You probably won’t answer these questions because hesitate to do it. The thing is that female masturbation is one of those things that causes modesty in many women. Most of us deny the fact that we masturbate because we fear being judged.

Unfortunately, women’s knowledge has been limited with respect to their bodies and their sexuality. Many people believe that female masturbation is bad and improper. This belief is one of the biggest barriers for women enjoying its benefits. Some women don’t pay attention to this and masturbate anyway, giving themselves pleasure on a regular basis. That is the right decision!

Nowadays even some sexologists and psychologists recommend masturbation to improve your well-being. However, we have prepared 8 interesting facts about female masturbation. Read and take a note!

#1. It improves mood

Women who masturbate do not know anything about stress. Masturbation gives them a feeling of relaxation and happiness. The pleasure that you feel in doing it provides the release of endorphin and serotonin, two neurotransmitters associated with happiness and well-being.

#2. It prevents infections

When a woman masturbates, she experiences an orgasm which can be very useful for preventing vaginal and urinary tract infections. What’s more, the pleasure helps to stimulate the production of antibodies by the immune system. Thus, improving its response fighting infectious agents.

#3. It helps with better sleep

Women who like to masturbate before bedtime always have deeper and uninterrupted sleep. Try it!

#4. It reduces menstrual cramps

Masturbation can help to reduce and control menstrual cramps. It has an ability to stimulate the production of hormones, so it helps control inflammation and muscle tension.

#5. It improves sexual performance

It turns out that, women who like to masturbate have better sex! This is because they are more secure and know their bodies well. Masturbation gives you a perfect imagination, by the way.

#6. It helps to reach orgasm

If you have problems achieving orgasm then you should try to masturbate. In other words, female masturbation is exciting, it works pelvic floor muscles and enables you to reach climax easier. The clitoris has more than 8,000 nerve endings. After being stimulated, they can lead to untold sensations of pleasure.

#7. It helps avoid anorgasmia and vaginismus

Masturbation is like therapy for women who do not have orgasms during sex. Fortunately, it is an effective remedy against vaginismus.

#8. It helps burn calories

And the last cool thing is that masturbation helps burn about 170 calories. Yes, girl!


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