Top 7 overnight beauty tricks for waking up gorgeous

All women are alike when it comes to their beauty routines. The thing is that as we get older it gets more and more important to take proper care of yourself since something that was granted to us by mother nature seems to fade away if not tended to properly.

It goes without saying that sleep is highly important not only when you want to stay healthy but also when you want to preserve your natural beauty. You may already know that many complex processes are going on while we rest and it is only natural to carry out some additional routines to intensify the effect. That is why today we are going to discuss 7 routines you should better get used to if you want to wake up flawless looking every morning.

#1 Antioxidant cream

There are many things that our skin gets affected with throughout the day, that is why it is a clever idea to help it get rid of all the toxins when you fall asleep. Use a rich antioxidant night cream to serve the purpose.

#2 Wet hair

Sometimes we like to treat ourselves to a nice late night bath and go to bed with our locks wet. That is the worst thing you can do to your hair, seriously. If the inevitable happened, wrap your hair in an old T-shirt and go to sleep like that instead.

#3 Humidifier

This is the best way to hydrate your skin while you are letting your beauty rest.

#4 Hair moisturizing

You should use your moisturizing leave-in conditioner on your hair right before you go to sleep, it will have a much better effect on your hair.

#5 Pillow against puffy eye

If you are afraid that you are going to wake up with your eyes all swollen and puffy in the morning all you need to do is to use an extra pillow and sleep on your back.

#6 Hands & Feet

It is not a surprise for anyone that with this hectic way of living we often forget about our hands and feet and they need proper care as well. But, you can deal with this right before you go to bed, apply your favorite products to your hands and feet and go to bed. You can put on cotton socks and gloves for better effect.

#7 Lips

Your lips also require scrubbing and moisturizing, and there is no better time for these routines than right before you go to bed.


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