Potato juice can help you get rid of the dark spots on your face

Dark areas under the eyes are the “hallmark” of people who are not getting enough sleep and are being recycled. The site under the will tell you how to get rid of this blackness with such a simple and affordable product as potatoes.

Potato contains a high concentration of antioxidants, including natural polyphenols, which are not present in large numbers in other plants. There is evidence that they play an important role in the functioning of cells and reducing inflammation, which also extends to the skin.

There is a lot of vitamin B6 in potatoes, which helps in the processing of amino acids – building materials of the skin. Potato purification is especially rich in vitamins and minerals, so do not forget to use them for making juice.

Potatoes contain almost all the B vitamins, which activate the production of such important substances as collagen and elastin. The elasticity of the skin in general, and around the eyes in particular, depends on B vitamins.

Selenium from potatoes activates the local protective properties of the skin, lutein protects against UV radiation (actually acts as an SPF filter), and choline has an anti-inflammatory effect.

Potatoes and puffy eyes

Masks from potato suit any type of a skin, as substances in its structure are hypoallergenic and do not cause negative consequences. The masks based on this vegetable will especially suit people who have:

Flabby skin on eyelids, bruises or bags under the eyes;

Problem skin prone to acne;

Dry skin around the eyes.

Bags under the eyes are caused by excessive blood filling the smallest blood vessels in the eye area. Potatoes contain a large amount of water, therefore, they can soften and cool blood vessels, contributing to their reduction for natural temperature regulation of the body.

However, you need to be extra careful during potato use, because it contains the remains of starch that should not get into your eyes. In addition, the potato has an enzyme catecholase, which acts as a natural bleach, which can change the skin’s color..


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