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A one-week diet to lose some weight and get in shape

Most women often look for various workout plans and diet plans that will help them remove extra fat and get in shape as fast as possible. However, you should know that if you want to slim down fast, it is essential to reconsider your diet. We would like to show you seven-day diet plan that can help you detoxify your body and shred extra pounds.

Before you start following this diet plan, you should learn some diet rules. Firstly, when you wake up in the morning, you should drink a glass of warm water. You should also limit the intake of alcohol, soda, caffeine, junk food and processed food. And the last, do not consume food after 8 PM.

Are you ready to try? It is time to write down your current weight to track your progress in one week. Good luck, ladies!

Seven-day diet plan

Day 1

Breakfast: nut butter, banana, and chia seed toast.

Snack: one tangerine.

Lunch: a grapefruit and one green apple.

Dinner: half a pineapple with greek yogurt.

Day 2

Breakfast: savory oatmeal with an egg.

Snack: cauliflower salad with feta cheese and steamed carrots.

Lunch: lentil soup.

Dinner: beet salad with feta cheese and flax seeds.

Day 3

Breakfast: pineapple blueberry spinach smoothie.

Snack: half a papaya.

Lunch: roasted butternut squash soup.

Dinner: cucumber salad with cabbage and lettuce salad.

Day 4

Breakfast: quinoa bowl with pumpkin and honey.

Snack: two apricots.

Lunch: black bean soup.

Dinner: tomato toast with macadamia ricotta.

Day 5

Breakfast: two slices of bacon, oatmeal with peanut butter and cherries.

Snack: a cup of cherries.

Lunch: chicken breast with garlic

Dinner: turkey and rice vegetable soup.

Day 6

Breakfast: bacon cauliflower chowder.

Snack: ten hazelnuts.

Lunch: avocado toast with eggs and herbs.

Dinner: turkey steak with corn and zucchini.

Day 7

Breakfast: low-fat ice-cream with dark chocolate and strawberries.

Snack: three plums.

Lunch: spinach-lentil soup.

Dinner: greek yogurt with raisins.


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