Learn how to save breasts from sagging

Many women are experiencing various age-related changes, including sagging breasts. However, through exercise, skin care and proper diet, you can prevent premature sagging. Sagging breasts can depress any woman without exception.

Different men like different breasts: someone likes big, someone likes small, but nobody likes saggy breasts. However, you should not despair prematurely, and if you have not yet reached the point where only surgical intervention can solve the problem, you have a chance to stop the process, prevent sagging and return elasticity and beauty to your breasts.

Breast sagging is a natural process that occurs with age, when the breast loses its flexibility and elasticity. If you try these tips, you can save your breasts from sagging. After a little while you will see how your breasts change for the better:

#1. Keep your stable weight. Do not choose rigid diets, implying a sharp weight loss. As a result of it, you will not only lose weight extra from your body, but also from the breasts. They consist of fatty tissues, losing them, the breasts will simply sag.

#2. Do not worry about breastfeeding. Recent researches have shown that there is no big difference between women who had breastfed and those who had not.

#3. Quit smoking. Smoking has a negative effect on collagen and elastin in the skin, because of which it becomes weak and less elastic. This leads to wrinkles and sagging. You should also be careful with the sun. Ultraviolet rays destroy collagen.

#4. Exercise. Workout aimed at strengthening the pectoral muscles will help maintain and improve the shape of the breast. Push-ups will help to strengthen the pectoral muscle and remove excess fat. Eat more protein, calcium, correct fats and carbohydrates.

#5. Massage. Regular breast massage also increases the elasticity of the skin. If you do it 3 times a week, the result will not take long to wait. Use natural oils or Aloe Vera gel during a massage.


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