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A Japanese breathing technique may promote to weight-loss without diet and exercise

This is what the eastern methods and teachings really appeal to- an opportunity to lose weight without making significant efforts and without spending a lot of time. The Japanese breathing technique is available to everyone, and you can do it at home without spending money on gyms and massage salons.

It is based on the fact that a specially designed respiratory system makes blood saturated with oxygen faster and fuller, which leads to activation of material metabolism. So, there is accelerated burning of fat, the main thing is to breathe with your belly, but not with your breast.

The right breathing can help, not only to lose weight and gain harmony, but also become healthier. You train the muscles of the press, develop lungs, and also improve blood circulation and digestion by breathing exercises. This Japanese breathing technique is based on complete yogic breathing, which is also called diaphragmatic.

You should breathe deeply not only with your stomach, but also with your back. Modern scientists have calculated that one such breath with exhalation burns in addition up to 10 calories. Special breathing exercises can help reduce the volume of the stomach, overcome hunger, lose weight, and relieve stress.

It is no secret that many of us get fat because we try to eat anxiety and excitement. If you have tried different diets, exhausting physical training, but your weight remains the same, and your belly isn’t the ideal shape, maybe you should try a little distraction.

Breathing is directly related to the work of the brain, so it helps to know yourself better, to reveal your femininity and sensuality. Respiratory gymnastics for slimming the belly is also present in most oriental martial arts. This is one of the forms of control over the body and mind.

Exercises from respiratory gymnastics, which help to lose weight belly, can be performed anywhere, and do not require special equipment. It should be recalled that, despite the apparent ease, they seriously affect the body, so you need to carefully monitor your health and, at any unpleasant sensations, practice should be stopped.

Since Japanese breathing technique refers to passive methods of weight loss, the results will be noticeable after 1.5-3 months from the beginning of the exercise. To get quicker results, you can add healthy eating and exercising to your daily regimen.


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