Irritable Male Syndrome is a thing that exists

Have you ever noticed that your man is behaving strangely? His behavior is a bit like women’s periods; at some point, he becomes more sensitive to everything that happens. What does it mean? Do men suffer from PMS, as well as women?

Dear ladies, now we will reveal to you the great truth. Yes, males experience a period like females once a month. But only without blood (we’re just joking). A recent survey conducted by Vouchercloud showed that “26 percent of men experienced conditions associated with the female menstrual cycle, including tiredness, cramps, and increased sensitivity”.

What’s more, The Telegraph found that 12 percent of its male respondents said that they were “more sensitive about personal weight” during this “strange time”. But that is not all, 5 percent of men reported that they experience “menstrual cramps”. How’s that?! The thing is, men experience these symptoms due to hormonal changes. And do you know what the name is for “men’s menstruation”? One expert called this condition – Irritable Male Syndrome (IMS).

What are the symptoms of IMS? All men are different, so the symptoms of IMS can vary widely from man to man. The most common symptoms of irritable male syndrome are depression, anger, fatigue, moodiness, anxiety, lethargy, low libido, confusion, low self-esteem, and weight gain. Does this seem familiar to you?

What is the reason for IMS? Stress, a change in diet, natural hormonal changes and brain chemical changes are the main culprits of IMS. All these “reasons” affect male testosterone levels, which can lead to a male period. The most important fact is that “testosterone levels in younger men can vary four-fold in a typical day”. In addition, some men experience “sympathy PMS” (when men experience similar feelings to the women in their lives who are dealing with the psychological and emotional feelings associated with PMS).

How can a man relieve the symptoms of IMS? The most important thing that men should do to alleviate irritable male syndrome is to regulate testosterone levels. IMS is often the result of low testosterone levels. So, the first step to increase testosterone levels is a good diet. Men should eliminate soy and soy products, which are high in phytoestrogens; this can help keep estrogen levels low.

The second thing that men should do is exercising. Exercise helps to increase dopamine levels that help improve mood. What’s more, exercise is the key to fighting stubborn fat. If the above-mentioned measures do not help, a man should seek help from a professional. The professional will determine the causes of IMS and will prescribe the appropriate treatment.

So, ladies, if you notice any changes in the behavior of your men, do not waste time in vain. Perhaps, this is an Irritable Male Syndrome, and your man really needs help. Just think about yourself during PMS, and be more patient and caring.


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