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How long until the weight-loss plan shows results? About 2 weeks, experts say

There is no reason to be afraid of an easy, recurring and short-lived hunger. If you have normal good health, you will not fall unconscious. Your body is created in such a way that it can live a long time without food.

The human brain skillfully convinces us that we are hungry, practically in any situation: when we feel deprivation or frustration; when we are angry, mourn, calm and rejoice; when we fall under the influence of advertising, public opinion, stimulation of the senses; as a reward or out of habit; when we smell fresh coffee and baking or bacon, coming from a cafe near the road.

It will take a month to see the first results of losing weight in one person, a few days in another person. This is affected by many factors, including the initial size and the diet of a person. The answer to the question of how fast it is possible to notice weight loss is ambiguous due to such reasons:

#1. Original size. With an initial mass index close to obesity, you can lose 15 pounds in one day. If a person has a larger body size, he will begin to lose weight rapidly in the first days of the diet.

#2. Type of a diet. Some diets include an initial stage in which people lose more pounds. A lot of popular diets start with a sharp start, when within one to two weeks the restrictions in eating are strict, stimulating rapid weight loss. At this stage, a person loses from 5-7 pounds per week. As a result, weight loss will be noticeable earlier.

#3. Consumption of carbohydrates. Reducing the amount of carbohydrates in the food leads to a rapid loss of water. When removing fluid from the body, a person feels lighter. On a low-carb diet, some people lose about 10 pounds a week. Weight loss due to water is different from burning fat. Reducing carbohydrate intake for those who want to lose weight is an excellent approach, a part of an integrated healthy diet program.

#4. How often to weigh. Regularly. Weighing once a week, you can see the overall result of losing weight in seven days, with regular monitoring of changes, the indicators will form a clear dynamics of decrease, growth or stability of weight. Weight changes: the reasons for this – puffiness, improper diet during the day, more calories than necessary. What goals to pursue. For some, it is a desire to wear a smaller size of clothing, for others – a reduction in the number on scales, changes in a certain part of the body, and so on.

Digital scales reflect small fluctuations in the total body weight (accurate to a gram), but they are not enough to notice a decrease in any particular part of the body. The right way to get ahead of losing weight is to try on clothes that you could hardly wear before. The next step is to reduce the volume of each part of the body. These changes occur throughout the whole process of losing weight, or even unnoticeable, until a person loses 6-8 pounds.

To get results earlier, perform a set of exercises during the diet. Workouts will improve the shape of the body and will tone your muscles. The increase in muscle mass also increases the weight index – distribute the load to all muscles simultaneously, without concentrating on a particular area.

What else depends on how quickly the usual size of clothes will change:

#1. Growth. A miniature woman of high stature, losing 10 pounds, loses 10% of her body weight. This result is very noticeable, and her size will be much smaller. For a small woman of athletic build, such a loss will not be noticeable, and her size will not change.

#2. Uneven volume reduction. The decrease in dimensional parameters occurs for every 10-12 pounds of lost weight, without decreasing evenly throughout the body – this difference depends on each individual part of the body.

Many people make investments in weight loss programs to improve health, change appearance and become more attractive. Attraction is a subjective concept, but researchers have determined the amount of weight that needs to be thrown off to see changes in appearance.

Moderate lifestyle, proper nutrition and exercise are important for health, although many people pay great attention to appearance. Everyone should monitor their results, but do not get upset prematurely. The human body is unique, and the speed of weight loss in some people may differ from others.

It is necessary to be persistent and constantly remind yourself of the many benefits of achieving and maintaining a healthy weight in order to remain motivated throughout the whole process of losing weight. However, the first changes will be seen after about two weeks.


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