Don’t Use Cotton Buds Anymore: A Doctor Discovered The Most Effective Way For Cleaning Your Ears

Most people use cotton buds to remove the dirt and wax from the ears. However, many of us are not aware of the fact that these cotton buds do more harm than actually any good.

Experts in this field suggest that if you use these cotton buds to often, they can damage the ear and cause inflammation or obstruction.

Dr. Gill is a famous American pediatrician who claims that it is not healthy at all to remove the eat wax and dirt with force. He suggests more efficient and safe method instead.

As he explains, this method that requires ingredients that you already have it in the kitchen and is very simple and fast.

According to Dr. Gill, the first thing to do is to soften the earwax buildup with some oil. Next, take a piece of cotton and soak it with some oil and apply it on the ear, but don’t push it inside.

Then, you need to start shaking your head so that the earwax starts moving towards the outer canal. In the same way when some water goes inside your ear and you want to remove it.

After 3 minutes, apply few drops of oil in your ear.

Note: In case this method doesn’t satisfy your requirements you can add vinegar and medicinal alcohol. Mix them in equal amounts and then wash your ears with this mixture.

As we mentioned above cotton buds are definitely the best choice to clean your ears with. Moreover, they can do harm and damage to your ear canal. Try this natural method and you’ll be amazed by the results.


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