What is the correct ratio of water and weight

It is clear that water is necessary for the life of every organism. Depending on our age 45-75% of our weight is only water.

A newborn is 80% water. No system of the human body can work without water. The right amount of water is maintained as a result of its interaction with food. Different tissues and organs contain different quantities of water.For example, in most cases, tissues contain 65-70%, and kidneys with blood contain about 80%. Our bones contain 50%. In adipose tissue, there is the least amount of water because it is not able to retain water.

Thus, each organ has its own need for water. Water performs the following functions: it dissolves and stabilizes nutrients, delivers them to organs and tissues; it is responsible for proper digestion; it regulates the heat balance of the body, and it maintains the pressure inside the body cells.

Why do we need much water?

Water can moisturize the tissues; it participates in the synthesis and decomposition of substances in the body; it washes toxic substances out of the body; it participates in the proper work of muscles. Also, water can provide a detoxing effect to our body.

When the water balance is disturbed, the cells dry up and begin to die. This process is called dehydration. Even with a little dehydration, a person may feel not well. Water leaves our body through breathing, sweating, urination, and defecation. To prevent dehydration, you should compensate for your daily water loss.

How to calculate correctly

Generally, women should drink at least 8 glasses of water every day. It is very straight-forward to calculate the amount of water that you should drink. First of all, measure your weight. Then you should divide it by 2.2.

Then multiply according to your age. For example: if you are under 30 then multiply by 40; from 30 to 50 multiply by 35; above fifty multiply by 30. And the last step is to divide that sum by 28.3. After doing this, you will find out the necessary quantity of water in ounces that you should drink every day.


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