Baking Soda Can Help You Reduce Eye Bags, Dark Circle and Swollen Eyelids

Our face is not only what a what we see in the mirror mirror but also a business card for everyone else. People constantly look into/at your eyes and pay attention to your skin whilst communicating. What should we do if we have bags or dark circles under the eyes?

Today, many girls and women try to protect their body from exposure to harmful chemicals and replace expensive cosmetic products with a cheaper option – natural products that can be found in every household. Surely everyone in the kitchen has a whole collection of items that can be used for good.

You can replace all your creams, lotions and masks after you start using natural treatments with baking soda. Unfortunately, most expensive products are not effective, contain many chemicals and also have side effects. Baking soda is probably the most versatile product available in every home.

It is used not only for cooking but also for cleaning and caring for the body and face. It is difficult to believe that such a simple ingredient has so many uses! After reading this article you will be able to prepare treatments with soda yourself.

It is natural and without any chemical elements. It will solve the problem of dark circles and bags under the eyes as well as swollen eyelids. You can choose one of the recipes or try each of them.

#1. Add baking soda to chamomile tea. Place a cotton pad with the mixture on under your eyes for fifteen minutes.

#2. Mix baking soda with orange and lemon juice, honey, tea tree oil, hydrogen peroxide and add into your moisturizing cream. Test the mixture on your skin before applying to the area under the eyes.

#3. Combine baking soda with water and leave this mask on for fifteen minutes.

#4. Mix baking soda with lavender oil and honey and apply it to the area around your eyes for ten minutes.

#5. Mix baking soda with yogurt and lemon oil and leave the treatment on your skin for about ten minutes.

All of the necessary ingredients can easily be found at home. The main advantage is that all the ingredients are natural and do not cost much if you need to buy any of them. Also, all these recipes have no side effects and will not cause any allergic reactions.


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  1. I have used Baking Soda many times for a rash on my face but to no avail.I have also used it on my big toe to get rid of a fungus that I have had for many years. Nothing doing.I would not doubt that baking soda is good for many things but it did not help in the two instances I spoke about.

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