A thyroid in distress can cause trouble throughout the body: 10 clues that it’s time to take action

Many of you have already heard about what thyroid gland is. But not so many of you actually know why it is so important. Some people think the thyroid gland is responsible for your weight loss or weight gain. That is partially true but not to the full extent. The thyroid gland has many more functions than just controlling your weight.

What are the actual functions that thyroid gland carries out? As it turns out thyroid plays a major role in your metabolism, it takes part in cardiac and muscle activity, bone repair, mental processes, libido, etc.

Now, when you understand how important are the processes and functions controlled by the thyroid, it becomes clear that when it is functioning your body properly will surely give you some signs.

Today we will talk about 10 signs that your thyroid isn’t working properly.

#1 Fatigue — when your thyroid is not working properly you will feel constantly tired with no obvious reason to that.

#2 Sensitivity to cold— no matter how warm it is outside your always feel cold, there is a clear sign that your thyroid gland is not working properly.

#3 Constipation— no matter how unpleasant it may sound – constipation is also a sign an improper functioning of your thyroid.

#4 Dry skin— another sign that your body gives you, in case your thyroid is not working properly, is dry skin. No matter how well you moisturize it, it will still feel dry.

#5 Weight gain— as it has already been said an improper functioning of the thyroid gland could cause unexplainable weight gain.

#6 Swollen face — this is a sign of improper thyroid functioning.

#7 Muscle weakness — if your muscles get weaker for no obvious reason that is a clear sign the problem with your thyroid.

#8 Muscle ache – unexplainable muscle ache is a sign of your thyroid in distress.

#9 Hair loss— when you start losing your hair out for no reason, you should definitely consider having your thyroid checked.

#10 Depression — last but not least, sometimes improper thyroid functioning can lead to something as horrible as depression. That’s why if you notice any signs of depression with no obvious reason for that you should better have your thyroid checked immediately.


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