A brilliant way to use tea bags for teeth, your dentist won`t tell you!

There is nothing better than a cup of tea in the mornings. There is a simple way to make tea these days- tea bags. You can take them everywhere and enjoy drinking tea. But make sure never to throw the tea bags away and you will soon find out why.

We suggest a dozen of ways for you to utilize the tea bags after their principal use for making tea.


1. In Sunburns Treatment

A tea bag can help treat your sunburn as it will stop the itchiness and getting rid of the skin which is peeling. An acid contained in Black Tea offers calming effects which progressively remove the excess heat from the sunburn. So, the next time you go to the beach make sure to bring some black tea bags besides your sun protection lotion.

2. Revitalize Puffy, Tired Eyes

You have probably faced a sleepless night sometimes, and you ended up with puffy, dragon like eyes the following morning. Don’t worry, you can remove your eye bags and restore your eyes at the same time, thanks to the tannins contained in black tea. Simply put few used tea bags in a container and put them in the fridge.

So, the next morning you have problems with your eyes, take some of your instant tea bags and place on your eyes. Let them stand on your eyes for around 15 minutes.

3. Fix Minor Burns 

Due to the high level of tannins in black tea, it is capable of helping with inflammation caused by high temperatures. Besides helping with the pain and inflammation, black tea can also stop the peeling of your skin. If you want to treat a minor burn, place two or three refrigerated tea bags onto the burn just like a gauze.

4. Remove Dandruff

We can all agree that dandruff is one of the most annoying things that can happen to our hair, and it can be very hard to be removed completely. Good news, you can replace expensive anti-dandruff products with just a few tea bags. Boil a tea with them and let the bags stay for an hour, so then use the tea to rinse your hair. A simple scalp massage with tea will remove dandruff and leave your hair shiny.

5. Remove Warts

Use a green tea bag to remove your warts. Place it on the area that is affected and wrap it with a bandage. It should stay like that for about 15 minutes, and then be replaced with a new one. The antioxidant content in this tea will stop warts from growing. You can also drink about two or three cups of green tea every day in order to minimize the HPV effects found on your skin.

6. Keep Your Shoes Fresh

Your smelly shoes are probably quite embarrassing when you take them off? No worries. You can easily take care of that using only tea bags. Put one in each shoe, and it will absorb the bad smell and moisture too, resulting with your shoes smelling like new and fresh.

7. Act as a Manure For Your Garden

Tea bags can be of great assistance if you love gardening. They can reduce pH levels of the soil because of the present tannins, and lower pH level means lower risk of fungus buildup at the root of the plant. Simply place a tea bag in the soil while you are planting a sapling or sowing the seeds, and you will end up with the most beautiful garden ever.

8. Help Clean The Dishes

Who likes wasting too much time on washing dishes? It is impossible when you have to scrub off the grime and baked-on stains, it is not fast or easy or pleasant. However, you can make it much easier if you agree to soak your dirty dishes overnight with several used tea bags. The next day your dishes will be with a lot less grease, and you won’t need much time and effort to clean them.

9. Remove Watermarks On Mirrors

Used tea bags to make the process of cleaning mirrors much easier, especially if you are bound to deal with stubborn watermarks. Simply soak a towel in tea prepared by boiling few tea bags, and wipe the watermarks on the bathroom mirror. Your mirror will shine bright like a diamond!

10. Remove Bad Smell Off Your Hands

Chopping onions and peeling garlic can definitely leave your hands smelling rather bad If you want to get rid of the nasty smell, thoroughly scrub your fingers with a tea bag and some soap This will absolutely neutralize the bad smell. Another way to get rid of the bad smell on your hands is by soaking them in a warm mixture of tea and water.

11. Relieve Sore Gums 

Even though having a mouth full of tea bags is ridiculous, it’s a great way to relieve the pain from your sore gums. Put a few tea bags in the refrigerator and after placing them on the affected area in your mouth. This is sure to calm your sore gums in the fastest rate You can use them to treat mouth ulcer or to relieve mouth inflammation.

12. Neutralize Household Odors 

Use tea bags to neutralize the odors in your household like that in the fridge or in the trash can Put a few used tea bags at the bottom of your trashcan and it will absorb the bad smell and prevent it from spreading all over the kitchen. You can also store several used tea bags in the fridge to keep its fresh smell.


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