9 useful tips that can help you lose weight without сrash dieting

Nowadays the popularity of healthy weight grows with each passing day. This tendency makes us really glad, as according to statistic, about 2 in 3 adult Americans are overweight or obese.

Excessive weight is not only about unattractive fat folds on your waist. The problem is that it accumulates around your internal organs and disturbs their function. As a result, your risks of heart failure, diabetes, stroke, liver disease and osteoarthritis get extremely increased.

So you’ve decided to join slimming community. You’re welcome! You can find scores of diets, which promise you loss of ten pounds in ten days or slimming in problem parts of your body.

We understand that all of us want to attain desired shape as soon as possible. But are these fad diets really so good as it seems?

In short, no. Juicing, cabbage soup diet and other crash variants can help you get rid of several kilos. But they would certainly come back to your body, as your diet will be finished. Furthermore extreme calorie cutback can impair your metabolic rate.

If you want to lose weight efficiently and safely, you need to do it steadily by changing lifestyle and habits.

We propose you some useful tips that can help you achieve and maintain ideal weight without causing any harm for your health.

#1. Drink enough water – being well-hydrated can enhance your metabolism up to 30%! A glass of water before meal can reduce your appetite and speed up satiety, cutting your daily calorie intake.

#2. Have a breakfast – it’s a bad idea to restrict calorie consumption by skipping breakfast. This meal activates your metabolism in the morning and gives you essential nutrients. Several studies show that those, who omit breakfast, were more likely to overeat during the day.

#3. Cardio can help – aerobic activity such as running, swimming, hiking, dancing is a perfect way to boost your mood and spend calories.

#4. Add fiber – oats, flax seeds, beans, brown rice, berries and other fiber-rich products can improve your full feeling and bowel functioning. That’s why dietitians recommend eat more fiber while following weight loss program.

#5. Sleep well – lack of sleep can cause hormonal imbalance, leading to increased appetite and extreme tiredness. You need to sleep at least seven hours per day to reduce risks of obesity, diabetes, hypertension and mental health issues.

#6. Limit alcohol – your favorite cocktails contain as many calories as creamy cake. Though a glass of red dry wine was recognized to enhance digestion, excessive alcohol can result in weight gain.

#7. Fall on fruits and vegetables – low-calorie, fiber-rich and vitamin-full foods can decrease appetite and satisfy your sweetness cravings.

#8. Eat slowly – don’t hasten to empty your plate. It takes about 20 minutes for your brain to feel satisfied and deliver a signal to the body. Eating too fast increases your chances to overeat.

#9. Eat protein – high protein food helps you feel satiated for a long time and boosts your metabolism. The best sources of natural protein include lean meat, fish, poultry, beans and egg whites.


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