9 mistakes that may keep women from having the body of their dreams

Today, more and more women make a decision to make their bodies slim and toned. In this way they can become healthy and feel confident. That’s why we all bring a lot of changes into our lifestyles and stick to strict rules. We start eating healthy foods, perform physical exercises regularly, and quit unhealthy habits.

However, very often, women make some mistakes in their fight with excess weight. They get some habits that bring more harm than benefits, thinking that they help them lose weight and become healthier.

That’s why today, we have decided to prepare some important information for you. We are offering you a list of the most common mistakes that stop women from having the body of their dreams.

#1 Cardio

We all know, that cardio exercises help us to burn calories and excess fat. However, it doesn’t mean that you should perform them as much as possible, since it can lead to some cardiovascular problems. The best thing will be to perform cardio exercises just for half an hour. It will bring much more benefits than training for an hour and more.

#2 Low-calorie diet

Many women think that low-calorie diet is the best thing they can do for their body. Yes, these foods are beneficial for our cardiovascular system. However, our body also needs fats. Besides, if you are exercising, it’s important to consume protein and carbs. That’s why you should make sure that your diet includes such foods as avocado and salmon.

#3 Energy drinks with electrolytes

You should know that energy drinks are far from being the best for your body. They contain minerals and sugar, that aren’t beneficial for your health in such quantities. That’s why you shouldn’t consume these drinks, especially after your workouts.

#4 Hydration

Very often women neglect drinking water during their workouts. It is a big mistake. Your body loses high amounts of water while you are training. That’s why it is important to enrich it with fluid during workouts.

#5 Exercise and eating

Some women think that if they spend a lot of time at the gym performing different exercises, they can eat more. The truth is that if you want to lose weight and get a slim and toned body, it’s important to take care of both diet and physical activity.

#6 Time for workouts

Many women don’t pay attention to the time when they exercise. It’s a common mistake which can be rather dangerous for their health. You shouldn’t train in the morning and after having your meals. You should eat two hours before you go to the gym. In this way you’ll have enough energy for the workouts and won’t feel hungry.

#7 Sauna after exercising

Yes, sauna is beneficial for our health. It makes us sweat more and removes toxins from our bodies. However, it’s important to choose proper time for going to the sauna. You shouldn’t go there right after your workouts, since you’ve already lost a lot of fluid. It can be dangerous for your health and you can even pass out. That’s why before going to the sauna it’s important to drink some water and take a shower.

#8 Stretching

Many women don’t pay special attention to stretching. However, it’s an important step which can’t be neglected. Stretching after workouts will help you to relax and avoid muscle pain that usually occurs the next day.

#9 Exercising too often, or too little

There are two basic mistakes: people train either too little, or too often. You should know that only regular physical activity can help you to achieve desirable results. However, training too often can cause increased cortisol levels in your body that provoke excess weight gain. That’s why three times a week will be perfect.


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