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8 tips for finding motivation in and outside the workout

Are you trying to shape yourself, but the battle with laziness is taking place with varying success? If you do not have enough motivation to go in for sport, it is a high time to apply a couple of tricks, based on some scientific evidences.

Do you find it so hard to stand up from a sofa and to go to the gym? All this lasts for hours, and when you are already close to getting together and doing your business, you decide that you have other important things to do. So, you feel guilty, and then everything repeats.

However, since you opened this article, then you certainly want to break this vicious circle. Excellent! You can do it! We know how to get around all these excuses. In this material, you will find eight ways to get yourself into sports:

#1. Set realistic goals and expectations. Unrealistic goals, for example, a desire to lose thirty pounds in one month, can lower your motivation.

#2. Keep a photo diary of your successes. This will show your progress and will make you not give up in the future.

#3. Enjoy what you do for exercise. If you do exercises which you do not like, you will not want to return to the gym.

#4. Get a full night’s rest. Sleep is really important in a weight loss process. You should sleep at least seven-eight hours to see the results.

#5. Buddy Up! Find a friend who has the same goals as you do. This is a great motivation not to skip workouts.

#6. Reward yourself. Buy yourself beautiful things, clothes or shows, when you see good results.

#7. Do not live or die by the scale. You should weigh yourself at the same time of the day and wear the same clothes.

#8. Do not be a perfectionist. Everything is very individual. Try to be not very demanding to yourself, you need time to see the first changes.


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