8 tips that can help make your feet toenails look fabulous

We spend a lot of time on our feet, not noticing that it can cause them serious injuries. We wear uncomfortable shoes, which lead to many health problems, such as deformity of the toes, bony lumps, nerve damage and problems with joints and bones and this is not even the entire list of diseases associated with ignoring our feet.

To prevent these diseases and make your feet look groomed, you just need to spend more time caring for your toenails and feet. Even if you don’t have time or money for professional care, you can still do a pedicure at home.

Experts of foot health claim that if every woman can spend 30 minutes on a pedicure at home, it will make her feet look nice. Here are a few tips that will help you care for your feet.

#1 Your feet should always be dry

Wet feet can often be susceptible to fungal infections. To prevent the appearance of fungus, you need to choose natural shoes.

#2 Cut your toenails correctly

Incorrect cutting of toenails causes ingrown toenails. To avoid pain due to ingrown toenails, you should trim your toenails in a straight manner and don’t ever make them too short.

#3 Care for your toenails to keep them healthy

You can ease the pain of ingrown toenails by following these simple steps:

Steam your feet for 15-20 in a bowl with hot water with added soap.

Dry your feet and use dental floss on your ingrown toenails.

Apply an antibiotic cream to the affected area.

Repeat this action daily.

#4 Take a hot bath for your feet

Add some herbs and essential oils to the foot bath, to make your feet look soft and delicate.

#5 Don’t forget to moisturize your feet

Use a cream containing allantoin and hyaluronic acid. Remember, to prevent a fungal infection avoid applying cream between your toes.

#6 Massage your feet

Massage will relieve your feet from fatigue, prevent swelling and maintain the health of your feet.

#7 Do a pedicure on dry skin

Cracked feet can split in water and this can cause infection, so never soak your feet before a pedicure.

#8 Use oil for foot care

Oil will give your skin a glow and make them feel moisturised. The oil also goes deep into the skin, maintaining the health of your feet.


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