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7 simple changes to help you drop 20 pounds and more

Trying to lose larger amounts of weight can feel like a steep uphill battle, but that’s only the case if you choose to think that way. Focus on the little lifestyle shifts you can make which will ease the process.

Try these 7 subtle changes to reach 20 pounds or more of weight loss:

#1. See the big picture

Before starting to attempt a large weight loss journey, the best thing you can do is sit down and visual your long-term goals. When you’ve imagined and decided upon your goals, break them down into a long-term plan. You need to be able to trust that the full staircase is there before taking the first step.

#2. Think trickle down effect

Start with the biggest changes, and let those influence the smaller ones, as they come. Think about shifting your diet to include a lot more fruits and vegetables first before focusing on other changes that need to occur.

#3. Forget the scale

It’s not bad to check your weight every once in awhile during journey, but don’t let that be the only mark of progress your recognize. Notice the differences in your energy levels and the way your clothes fit when judging how things are going.

#4. Add healthy habits

Instead of focusing only on specific ways to lose pounds, add habits to your daily life that will contribute to your journey. Choose the stairs instead of the elevator, keep a water bottle handy at all times, and take more walking breaks throughout your work day.

#5. Slash calories

Calories do matter, and the way to use them while losing weight is to cut them gradually. They turn into energy, and depending on your size, more energy is needed. Be sure to always consume enough calories for sufficient energy, but as you shrink, slash calories because you won’t need the same amount.

#6. Focus on the heavy stuff

Cardio is your friend of course, but strength training is just as important. Focus on building muscle in your body to see fat melt away along with the pounds.

#7. Practice self-love

Be gentle with yourself along your journey. You are in the process of making the change. Be proud of that, and own your body in all stages you pass through. When you love yourself, your body will let go of extra baggage and weight much more easily.

Making the simplest of changes can set you on the right path to lose large amounts of weight.


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