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7 easy tips to tighten flabby skin after weight loss

At last, the thing that you have been waiting for, the thing you have been striving for, has happened. You have lost those hated extra pounds. However, your appearance does not please you. Why can this happen? This happens because you faced the problem of flabby and saggy skin!

Most often women face this problem after extreme weight loss, starvation or a strong restriction in diet. Consequently, excess pounds go away quickly, and the skin does not keep up with them. So, today you are worried about how to tighten the skin after losing weight.

When superfluous pounds are gained, body volumes increase and the skin is stretched. When losing weight, body volumes decrease, and the skin begins to sag. The most problematic areas are the face, abdomen, hands, buttocks, inner thighs and chest.

Let’s look through seven tips how to tighten flabby skin after weight loss. Try them and see great results after some time:

#1. Try not to lose weight too quickly. After quick weight loss you get rid of excess fat, but your skin becomes flabby. Gradual weight loss is the best option.

#2. Do not smoke. Smoking can decrease the level of vitamin A in your skin and make it too dry.

#3. Eat more fresh fruit and vegetables. They contain a lot of useful vitamins and minerals for your skin. It should become your daily regimen.

#4. Add more foods containing protein to your diet. They are chicken breast, eggs, nuts, fish and so on, protein can increase elasticity of your skin.

#5. Build your muscle. Rapid weight loss often leads to muscle loss.

#6. Add more gelatin, collagen and borage oil to your diet. Products containing these natural supplements will increase elasticity and will tighten your skin.

#7. Drink enough water. Dehydration of your body can affect your skin. It can make it dry and flabby. So, you should drink at least eight glasses of water daily.


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