6 reasons that cause fluid retention in your body and how to avoid them

Everyone knows that drinking a lot of fluids is more than just good, it is healthy and your body need sit. But sometimes, it happens so that something goes entirely wrong and your body starts saving the fluids it is actually supposed to get rid of. That is called fluid retention.

In case you are familiar with the condition you may know that it is rarely a pleasant one. That is why we decided to gather some information on why your body decides to store fluid and what you can do about it. There are at least 6 reasons why and we will tell you everything about them in about a second. Once you learn why it is happening to you, you will be able to fight off.

#1 Dehydration

It sounds pretty controversial, yet it is not less true. Once your body does not get enough of water it tries to save all the fluids to survive. That is why you should take good care and try to stay as well-hydrated as possible.

#2 Sodium

In case you consume a lot of sodium and very little of fluid it may lead to fluid retention as well. that is why you should either decrease the amount of sodium or increase the amount of water.

#3 Vitamin B6

Vitamin B6 deficiency lead to fluid retention as well. what is the way out? you should introduce vitamin-rich foods into your daily diet.

#4 Magnesium

The lack of magnesium can lead to fluid retention. That is why you should enrich your diet with magnesium rich foods, such as spinach, nuts etc.

#5 Potassium

The thing about potassium is that it is exactly what regulates the amount of water in your body. Once you lack it, it will lead to fluid retention.

#6 Processed food

You should avoid processed foods due to many reasons, but fluid retention is clearly one of them. Instead opt for healthy food and you will kill two birds with one stone!


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