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6 main types of obesity and tips that can help you prevent it

Probably every one of us have ever faced the situation, when you can’t lose weight even if exercise a lot and adhere to a diet with the minimum of calories? Probably, this happens because you do not know what type of obesity you have, so you may use wrong weapon against it.

For example, if you have an excess fat in your upper body, that’s because of unproper diet. Extra pounds in the hip area can be caused by bad habits, and if you have fatty legs it’s time to start doing cardio every day.

In fact, there are 6 types of obesity, according to the place where fat accumulates more. Check them all, find your type and learn the tips how to become thin and healthy.

#1. Obesity of the upper of the body

You are eating too much, for sure. Try to cut down calories and alcohol. Decrease sugar intake sugar and drink a glass of pure of water before each meal, it will make you less.

#2. Your fat concentrates in the upper part of abdomen

This is a sign that you are too often nervous, depressed or anxious. How to cope with this? Probably you eat too many sweets to control your stress. Cut off sugar from your diet, exercise more and you will be proud of your six packs soon!

#3. Extra pounds in the hip area

Perhaps, this is a result of the hormone imbalance. Try to reduce alcohol consumption and quit smoking, move more frequently. In opposite case, your weights will never please you.

#4. Fat in the abdominal cavity

Such type of obesity leads to the shortness of breath. Cut off alcohol immediately and visit gym not less than couple of times a week.

#5. Fatty legs

One of the most unfavorable types of obesity, because it has genetic reasons. You may often suffer from swelling of legs, especially during pregnancy. The best advice for girls with such type of obesity – practice regular exercises like jogging, jumping and climbing the stairs.

#6. Obesity because of lack of physical activity

This may happen because you have practiced a lot in the past, but now for some reasons can’t do this. Never give up. Walk a lot, swim, even household chores may be useful.


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