5 simple ways to cleanse your body throughout the day

There is no need to wait for a long and intense detox or miracle cure when it comes to cleansing your body, you can adopt habits that will help you do it throughout each and every day. Don’t wait any longer, start your daily routine for body cleansing and start feeling better!

Follow these 5 ways to cleanse your body in one day: 

1. Wake Up with Lemon Water

Before you go to bed at night put a glass of lemon water by your bedside so that you can drink it as soon as you wake up. The pectin in lemon juice helps your digestion run smoothly. Lemon water will also help keep you eating only when you’re hungry. Start the day the right way.

2. Breakfast for De-Bloating

When you’re focusing on cleansing your body throughout the day, you need to start with a healthy and filling breakfast. Skip the bread and cereal and move on to the lean proteins. Think something along the lines of an omelette with. Sound tasty?

3. Eat Clean

First thing’s first, you can’t skip any meals (or snacks) when you’re cleansing your body, but you need to make sure that what you choose to fuel your body with is actually helpful. You want to fill your body with tons of vegetables, lean proteins, and healthy fats throughout the day. Maybe you’ll have salmon or chicken for lunch and dinner with avocado, and some nuts for snacks. You can get creative.

4. Tea Time

Drinking some tea in the afternoon with add an element of detox and keep your body cleanse moving right along. Try adding dandelion tea to your routine. It improves digestion and keeps you hydrated. If you’re not into dandelion, stick with good old green tea.

5. Sweat Session

When you exercise and increase your heart rate, toxins flush right out of your system. If you don’t have time to make it to the gym each and every day, there’s no need to worry. There are plenty at-home workouts you can do that will get you pumped and sweating.

Cleansing your body is easier than you thought. Stick to these five habits and feel better in no time.


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