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5 rules for losing weight for each body part

Every woman should take care of her health. A healthy diet and exercise are good for your perfect body as well as for your overall health. In fact, unhealthy lifestyle leads to excess pounds and obesity. And then, obesity can lead you to some health issues.

Do you know that your problem areas can tell about your health habits? Scientists have shown that the distribution of fat in a certain part of the body can indicate a person’s health habits, and can also help in the weight loss process.

Today, we would like to show you a list of 5 rules for losing weight for each body part. Our rules will help you lose extra pounds and achieve your body goals. So, read and take notes!

#1. Upper body

People who have fat accumulation on the forearms, hands, back, shoulders, chest or belly, are physically inactive and lead an unhealthy lifestyle. If you have the same problem areas, you need to change your diet. Try to consume 500-1,000 calories on a daily basis. What’s more, you should exercise 5 times a week for 30 to 60 minutes. We recommend you choose some effective cardio exercises, and also some sit-ups and push-ups to target the upper body area.

#2. The abdominal area from the navel to the lumbar part of the back

If you have belly fat, it means that your body produces excessive amounts of cortisol, the stress hormone. In this case, you need to stick to a healthy diet and start consuming foods rich in minerals, fibers and vitamins. Also, you have to start exercising. We recommend you choose yoga or Pilates to reduce your belly fat.

#3. The entire back and the abdominal area from the chest

These areas indicate an unhealthy diet. You probably eat unhealthy foods, or skip meals, and then overeat. If you want to lose weight, you need to stick to a proper diet, and regularly have 5 meals during the day. Remember that your meals should be in moderate amounts and rich in healthy foods. What’s more, you have to do some exercises. Start your changes with cardio sessions such as swimming, running, walking and more.

#4. The area of the abdomen, thighs and buttocks

These areas are “critical zones” for many women. You probably lead unhealthy lifestyle and do not exercise. Start to lead a healthy lifestyle and exercise. We recommend you choose cycling, circular training as well as a lower body workout to target these critical areas.

#5. The abdominal area, buttocks and legs

If you have problems with these body parts, you need to start exercising. Start with a cycle or circular training. What’s more, do not forget to stick to a proper diet.


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