5 natural treatments for thinning hair

Long and thick hair is the dream of every girl. After all, hair is a woman’s wealth, which always attracts men. Long hair gives femininity, romance and extraordinary attractiveness to all women. Ladies all over the world want to become the owner of such hair.

Today, thin hair is not a sentence. There are many ways and methods that will improve hair growth, strengthen its roots and structure. Healthy hair grows very quickly. The main cause of brittle hair and loss of shine lies in the cosmetics women use for washing their hair.

Shampoos, conditioners, masks can wash out the microflora of the roots of the hair if to use them every day. Natural protection loses its properties, so the hair is exposed to negative effects from wind, frost, sun and rain. Today we offer these five natural treatments that can make your hair thick, healthy and beautiful:

#1. Coconut oil and lemon juice. Mix these two ingredients and apply on your roots. Wait for about five minutes and wash it away. This remedy is rich in minerals, fatty acids and amino acids.

#2. Aloe vera and almond oil. This mixture is a great source of vitamins and minerals. Apply it to your hair and scalp for about forty minutes and then wash it away. It will moisturize your hair very well.

#3. Castor oil and honey. This remedy is very good for breakable hair. It can make it much stronger. Apply it to your hair for about thirty minutes. Do this procedure two-three times a week.

#4. Sage, rosemary, and jojoba oil. This remedy will stimulate hair growth and will strengthen it. It is also good to deal with split ends. Apply it to your hair for about thirty minutes.

#5. Fenugreek seeds. Add these seeds into boiling water, wait for some time and make a paste. Apply this paste to your scalp for about thirty minutes.


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