5 foods to eat before your workout in order to burn belly fat

When you are trying to obtain your weight-loss goals, you may hear many strange tips regarding your diet and workout routine. The idea of eating only three meals a day is really stupid, especially if you want to slim down or build muscles.

You should know, that if you want to get in shape, you should eat small portions of food five-six times a day. You may think that if your stomach is empty, you will burn more fat during your training routine, but that is not true.

We want to show you the list of meals you need to consume before your training session, in order to make your training routine effective and accelerate fat burning. This information will help you boost your metabolism and accelerate weight loss. Scroll down to read what to eat right now.

Your metabolism is the key to slimming down

Metabolism is the body process that converts products into energy, and it needs to be constantly boosted in order to burn fat faster. When you eat small amounts of food, your metabolism can start burning “glycogen” contained in your muscles. This can cause muscle loss, instead of fat loss.

Martina M. Cartwright is a registered dietitian, author, speaker and adjunct professor of Nutritional Sciences at the University of Arizona.

She recommends consuming complex-carbs before your training routines to restore the “glycogen” in your muscles, improve your metabolism and burn extra fat.

We would like to show you five foods you should eat before exercising:

#1. Half a mango and half a banana.

#2. A slice of whole grain toast and half an avocado.

#3. A bowl of cheerios cereal with low-fat milk.

#4. Half a bowl of oatmeal with dates.

#5. Half a bowl of pasta with tomatoes and cheese.

The main idea of eating these meals is to fill your stomach with a healthy snack to keep your metabolism from burning the glycogen in your muscles and make it burn fat instead. You can also eat your favorite meals before a training routine, which can be burned during your exercising.


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