5 benefits of icing your skin

Cosmetic procedures where ice cubes are applied to the face are very useful against wrinkles, effectively tone up and refresh the skin, maintaining its youth and attractiveness. Daily use of frozen liquid smoothens the epidermal cracks and blocks the appearance of new defects.

The desire to preserve youth pushes all women to look for various methods to combat aging. If you want to prevent wrinkles, you should care of your skin very well. It is necessary to care of your beauty all the time, giving preference to natural ingredients that are always at hand.

To do this, use icing with the addition of various medicinal herbs, juices or oils. Washing with plain cold water is much inferior to the use of ice. With its help you can massage your skin, during which there is a decrease in skin temperature and vasoconstriction. If you want to look through other benefits of icing your skin, here you are:

#1. Treating acne. Icing can reduce inflammation and swelling of your skin. Do not forget to wait for some time before making this procedure. Ice cubes should start to melt, otherwise it can do much harm to your skin.

#2. Smoother and healthier skin. Skin icing can tighten your pores, so your skin will become smoother. It can also improve the blood circulation and strengthen your capillaries. This will make your skin look healthier and will improve its color.

#3. Wrinkle fighter. Skin icing can relax the nerves and the muscle of your face. So, your facial expression will lead to fewer wrinkles. Furthermore, this procedure will saturate your skin with oxygen.

#4. Dark circles and puffy eye treatment. You should not use ice directly on the area around your eyes, take a cloth and put it between ice and your skin. Icing can reduce dark circles and bags under your eyes.

#5. Makeup replacement. Icing is very useful. Many famous actresses put their faces into ice with fruit, vegetables or herbs every morning. This improves the skin very well and you can even refuse makeup in the future.


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