3 remedies can help destroy moles, warts, blackheads, skin tags and age spots

All people over the age of ten have on the body, face and mucous membranes of the mole. It is noteworthy that almost all of the babies’ birthmarks are not observed, they occur within 1-3 years after the baby appears on the light.

In the XVII-XVIII centuries, in the bourgeois and aristocratic environment, birthmarks were considered a real decoration. Young girls, respectable ladies and even some men. Stuck their so-called flies to the body and face – pieces of black velvet, taffeta or patch that resembled small nevus.

They helped to shade the natural whiteness of the skin, hide its flaws (especially since the smallpox epidemic). There was even a certain language of the musketeers – the artificial moles, which were specially located on the face, talked about their mistress much more than she could say in words.

For example, in the form of a small crescent, the flies on the face of the lady meant for the gentleman an invitation to the night of love.

Today,moles as well as arts, blackheads, skin tags age spots and birthmarks are considered rather a cosmetic disadvantage, especially if they are a lot on the body. And significant inconveniences are delivered by hanging ups. It is in such cases that people are thinking about how to remove the mole from the body and face.

#1. Acquire vitamin C in a pharmacy in tablets, pour into powder, dilute some water with it to the state of casserole, apply on a tampon and apply several times a day;

#2. A good whitening property also has dandelion juice. True, this method is suitable only for the spring-summer period, when the dandelion blooms.

Leaves, flowers and stems of the plant must be thinned in a blender or a meat grinder, squeeze the juice and apply moistened gauze or cotton cloth to the formations daily several times. This method is also often used to get rid of warts and freckles;

#3. Hemp butter is also considered an effective remedy for native spots. Disassemble the usual white chalk (it is better to get it in the pharmacy) and mix with hemp oil in a proportion of 1: 3. Apply the resulting mixture to the desired areas 3 times a week.


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