12 causes of bad vaginal odor and discharge

Smelling good is one of the main criteria to be a real lady. These days there is a vast range of all possible kinds of perfume and deodorants, lotions and creams and whatnot. Sometimes women prefer smelling natural, and that is great too until you take regular baths. Just kidding!

The thing is that very often it happens, so that bad smell comes from the area you are not really comfortable talking about. As you may have already guessed, we have your private parts in mind. Of course, the bad vaginal smell may be the sign of poor hygiene but there is also a huge list of other causes that influence your vaginal smell. That is why today we are going to discuss a list of 12 causes of bad vaginal smell you should pay attention to and get them checked as soon as you start to suspect something.

#1 Vaginal dysbiosis – when the balance of your good and bad bacteria is disrupted this is what happens and what causes that bad smell. Be careful with this condition since it may spread the infection further to your uterus and beyond which may lead to some complications.

#2 Yeast vaginitis – this is the special type of inflammation that affects not only the smell of your private parts but also the color of the discharge.

#3 Gardnerellosis – when your vaginal flora diminishes this is the condition to follow soon after.

#4 Vaginitis – may be triggered by an allergy but still, it leads to unusual odor coming from down there.

#5 Reproductive system inflammation – that is the condition that presents itself via bad smell as well.

#6 Hormonal imbalance – is one of the reasons why it smells bad down there.

#7 Body modifications, such as puberty and pregnancy may result in the unpleasant smell as well.

#8 Inflammation of any kind may lead to foul-smelling lady parts.

#9 Ill-chosen sex partners may be the cause of infection which may be the result of bad smell from your lady parts.

#10 STD – it goes without saying that sexually transmitted diseases cause bad odor.

#11 Hygiene – improper self-care leads to bad smell too. #12 Immunodeficiency is another cause of vaginal odor. No matter the cause any time you smell something bad downstairs – you run to your doctor straight away!


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