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10 breakfast recipes that can help you lose weight

Well, are you still in search of an effective diet that will help you get rid of the hated pounds and fat folds and still not deprive you of the strength and energy? Just do not skip your breakfast! You have probably heard that this is the most important meal. Your future day depends on your breakfast, remember this.

A scanty unbalanced breakfast is badly sated, as a result, you often snack and gain weight. It is not so simple to start the day in high spirits and filled with energy. Sometimes we do not have enough strength even to make a delicious and nutritious breakfast.

We are sure that the same thing has happened to you many times: you had a good breakfast, but after some hours you felt that your stomach was empty. In situations when we are hungry, it is simply impossible to concentrate.

Do you want to know ten best breakfast recipes that will help you lose weight? Here you are:

#1. Make an omelet with vegetables. Eggs will give protein and vegetables will give fiber to your body.

#2. Take granola, cantaloupe and berries and add these ingredients into yogurt.

#3. Take a banana, some strawberries, some almonds and blend them.

#4. Mix quinoa, cinnamon, raisins, eggs, milk and almonds and bake this mixture for about sixty minutes.

#5. Add any fruit and berries you like into cottage cheese.

#6. Cut an avocado into two parts and bake an egg into each part.

#7. Make a frittata from eggs, spinach, pepper and onions.

#8. Make scrambled eggs with pepper, onion and tofu.

#9. Boiled eggs very hard, cut them and an avocado into pieces and mix.

#10. Fry two eggs, take some slices of smoked salmon and make a green salad with avocados and lettuce.


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